Kęstutis Jakeliūnas, acusto

Kęstutis Jakeliūnas was born in Šiauliai city on May 19th 1981. Mr. Jakeliūnas is the chief conductor and artistic director of Kaunas Cultural Center “Tautos Namai” mixed choir “Kamertonas”, Kaunas Vocal Ensemble “Acusto”. He is also the conductor of Kaunas State Choir and council member of the Lithuanian Choir Union, Lithuanian Choir Union Kaunas Department, Lithuanian Musicians Union and Kaunas State Philharmonic.

In 1988, K. Jakeliūnas graduated from the “1st Music School” in Klaipėda and in 1999 got his graduation diploma from Klaipėda “Eduaras Balsys Arts Gymnasium”. In 2004, Mr. Jakeliūnas earned his bachelor’s degree in choir conducting from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius. In 2006, he attained his master’s degree in conducting from the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Kaunas Department.

Distinguished Lithuanian choirs sang in:

1997 – 1999 Klaipėda Mixed Choir “Aukuras” (chief conductor – A. Vildžiūnas)
2000 – 2004 Vilnius State Choir “Vilnius” (chief conductor – P. Gylys)
2003 – 2004 Vilnius City Municipality Choir “Jauna muzika” (chief conductor – V. Augustinas)
Since 2004 – Kaunas State Choir (chief conductor – P. Bingelis)

Prestigious competitions and festivals participated in:

1998 – International Choir Festival – Competition “Oskarshamm’98” (Sweden)
2000 – International Choir Competition in Arezzo (Italy)
2002 – International Choir Competition in Gorizia (Italy)
2002 – International Russian Sacral Music Competition (Poland)
2003 – “European Grand Prix in Choral Singing” (France)
2006 – 10th   annual “Ludwig Van Beethoven Festival” (Poland)

Master classes graduted from:

2001 – “The Philipinnes and Asian Countries Musical Interpretations” (lecturer – John August Pamintuan)
2004 – “Jauna muzika” choir’s 11th  Annual Conducting Master Class (lecturer – Bo Holten)
2005 –  “Jauna muzika” choir’s 12th Annual Conducting Master Class (lecturer – Bob Chilcott)
2007 –  “Jauna muzika” choir’s 13th Annual Conducting Master Class, active participant (lecturer – Werner Pfaff)
2007 – “Vocale Ottobeuren Meisterkurse mit Europa Chor Akademie”, active participant (lecturer –  Joshard Daus)
2011 –  “Jauna muzika” choir’s 15th Annual Conducting Master Class, active participant (lecturer – Georg Grün)

Tenor Solo Performances:

A. Mozart – “REQUIEM”
Č. Sasnauskas – “REQUIEM”

K. Jakeliūnas is an active member in Kaunas cultural life. Since 2006, he is the chief conductor of Kaunas City Song Festival. In 2008, for an event organized by the ISCM “World Music Days 2008”, he conducted the famous Finnish piece “Khorg”. Together with Kaunas Vocal Ensemble “Acusto”, he is the founder and organizer of the annual Musical Interpretation Courses. In 2014 he was the chief conductor at the Lithuanian National Song Festival and was awarded the Jonas Vileišis brass and silver medals for “Services to Kaunas City Prominence”.